Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A few tasty recipes for ya

I hate grocery shopping. Loathe it. But I LOVE opening my fridge and finding tons of fresh fruits and veggies just waiting to be gobbled up. I always get so excited and I don't know what to eat first. =)

I found this AMAZING recipe for a lentil brussel burger. We'll be making this for lunch tomorrow so I'll let you know how it turns out. It has lentils, brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes all mashed into a patty and served with an avocado cream sauce. Some of my absolute favorite foods. My mouth is watering. I can't wait for lunch tomorrow!

I'm also working on a carrot sweet potato soup. Unfortunately, the parsnips and carrots looked less than stellar tonight at the store so I have to go looking somewhere else tomorrow. I really wish we had a decent farmer's market near me. Walmart produce just doesn't cut it.

I found a recipe for fudge last night. Oh. My. Goodness. So ridiculously easy and delicious. Which is really, really bad. Because now whenever I have a sweet tooth I'm only a few minutes away from this fudge. That's not good. I made it tonight and have already eaten 2 4 pieces. And it's everything I can do to stay in my seat and not wander through the kitchen.

Yesterday's run was brutal. Sometimes an 8 mile run just flies by and I feel energized and strong at the end. Sometimes - not so much. I went two miles and could barely make it back home. I couldn't find a rhythm. (The rhythm is gonna getcha...sorry! Now that's going to be in my head all night!) My feet were all over the place. I felt battered and bruised this morning. I took today off completely. Tomorrow morning my run is going to feel effortless and fast. Right? Right. =)

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  1. Oh I see you've found something good to do with brussel sprouts!! I'd probably like that one. As for Wal-Mart's produce. What's up with them? Last few times I went in there, the produce was all wilted! They don't have what I need anyway. Like Escarole! Publix & Winn Dixie have more. Better yet, try the Farmers Market on Wed at the Fairgrounds.