Thursday, September 2, 2010

My name is Rebecca and I am a book addict.

My love affair with books started at an early age. I loved escaping into other worlds. I would completely lose myself in the pages. I would imagine what it was like to be the size of Thumbelina and live in her world.

Or I would imagine living in a tree with Mr. Fox and his family. 

When I'm reading a great book I will actually think about it throughout the day when I'm not reading. Does anyone else do this or am I a bit crazy? I mean ... I know I'm a little off my rocker...but is this normal? Even just a teensy bit?  When I got sucked into the Harry Potter series (yeah, I admit it) I would actually find myself wondering what Harry was up to. Yeah, saying that out loud makes me realize just how crazy it sounds. Oh well.

I absolutely adore the illustrations in vintage children's books. I can't wait to have children and fill their bookshelves and walls with some of these beauties. These were a few of my favorites growing up.

It's not just the stories that I love though. I love beautifully made books. I love feeling different papers used for the pages. One of the first things I will do is take the dustcover off to see what the book cover and binding look like. For my birthday, Jay bought me two books I've been lusting after. They are from the Penguin Classics Collection. He said more are to come. This is to start my collection. I love him..

Aren't they purdy? =)


  1. As crazy as it sounds, yes I do the same thing. lol. When I was younger, I used to like to pretend the "love interest (Male, obviously) in the book, was in love with ME and when I would be in school or something I would think he was at home, waiting for me. I am some special brand of crazy! lol!

    Those books are gorgeous!!! I always love the smell of books...So musty...mmm!

  2. Oh, a girl of my own heart!!! I adore boks. I had over 200 on the shelf on his bookcase when he was a wee tot thru age 5+ ... we read daily. I had cassette tape books that when we got in the car we played them constantly ... He loved Casey up to Bat ... I got soooo sick of hearing that story but oh, how Joshua loved it. I took Joshua to 2 local library's twice a week for reading classes to hear the stories, I so enjoyed this as a child & Joshua did so look forward to this also. Once a week we went to a defunct store called Zany Brainy for reading hour also & met some great characters & artist & authors there ... Joshua liked most of the characters but wasn't too much into the Dr. Seuss characters, chuckle. On our way to Joshua's tennis classes we would get our our sing a long books so he could read the words & I'd sing the songs ... sometimes I'd annoy him, chuckle, by singing off key. And, on the weekly classes of music at Hood College we either read or sing a long ... such grand times we had together ... 5 days a week of activities that included books of song or words to treasure forever.

    I feel books are the doorway to the world ... I still love children's books & to see children & encourage children to read all the time. I still enjoy touching the pages of artwork as I find these old treasures.

    I personally loved history ... Indians & Cowboys, Lewis & Clark, etc ... also Trixie Beldon, Nancy Drew, etc.

    The artwork in the vintage children's books sweeps me off my feet from the beauty of the colors & the style of art ... so much more beautiful than nowadays, tho there are a few beautiful ones of today.

    I bought every single Dr. Seuss book for Joshua.My favorite book tho when he was a baby was Give the Mouse A Cookie & that series ...

    Okay ... I got off on a roller coaster ride for you, sorry. Got caught up in beautiful treasured moments of love & sharing & joy with my boy. We have a very special love.

    Welcome to the world of bloggyville, Rebecca. I hope you will come visit me ... We are presently really smacked in construction on 2 homes but I pop around when I can.

    Have a beautiful day.

    You may wish to pop by & visit my VERY talented & beautiful story teller 'adopted sis' Sherry @ ... she writes & illustrates beautifully & is a lot of fun. Let her know I sent you, sweetie.

    Hugs for a beautiful day ~ Marydon

  3. R ~ Here is another fabulous authoress, I adore. I have some of her books & love to get lost in her memories ... pop by to view her beautiful graphics she shares with us. Tell her I sent you.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Hi :) Thanks for coming over! It's wonderful hearing stories like this. I can't wait to have children and grandchildren of my own to share special memories with. Yes, the illustrations in vintage children's books just capture my heart. The details, the colors, the styles. Nothing seems to compare today. Thank you for the blog links. I've visited them and they are wonderful- as is yours. It's hard for me to stop reading all of these wonderful blogs when I should be doing homework!

    Hug Ashley for me :)

    Ashey- You are a special kind of crazy! mmm musty books. One of my favorites. They should turn that into a cologne. :)